One year support, one year updates and one training module are included in our standard deals.

A separate training module costs 150 €.
This module consists of 3 exercises you need to make. After completing each exercise, you send it to us and we send you the corrections if necessary.
The training module can be used with the '3dS Trial Version', but this version is limited to maximum 20 commands in a drawing. Chances are you need to start the training exercise all over again if you make some mistakes. Another way to overcome this problem is to subscribe for one month on the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.

Support- and update-contracts for one year are available at 300 €. Support will be active only after completing the exercises in the training module.

steel structures tower


You tell us that 3dS appeals to this wide range of users, but can it be adapted to each one of these user's needs?

3dS has an open structure in many ways. In order to adapt 3dS to your standards, you just need to alter some simple text files. This way you can change easily:

  • materials
  • finishing of the members
  • bolts
  • sections
  • names for sections

We work with our own standard connections and dito plates.

You can personalise 3dS so that your own standard values can be saved and loaded at any moment. The automatic choices that 3dS generates always take these standard dimensions first.

Can I include schedules in other programs for processing orders, stock, etc ?

All text data is available in ASCII and Excel formats.
Each of these can easily be inserted in a spreadsheet, a text file or a database.

Is 3dS only suitable for drawing steel structures ?

Certainly not.
All functions are conceived and worked out to handle all kinds of structures, including warehouses, industrial installations, piping projects... but also for structures in wood, aluminium and other materials

How can I use the drawings generated with 3dS in AutoCAD ?

All drawings made in 3dS, can be handled and modified without problems in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

What do I gain when working in 3D?

At any moment, you can check on-screen how your project shows in reality.
This visual control is imperative in difficult situations where standard solutions cannot be used.

The 3dS-concept offers the advantage that you are able to work as if you get the beams and plates in your own hands: measuring pieces, position, drill, cut, weld, ...

Changes are made quick and easily.

Another big advantage is: no more counting. 3dS knows the volume, the surface, the length, the weight of every member and gives them all in a schedule at any moment. Also, you never need to check dimensions between different views: you make but one (3D)project and all 2D drawings are generated without mistakes.

What is new in the way that 3dS draws a steel structure ?

With the drawing board you were automatically limited to draw in 2D even if all ideas were concieved in 3D.
The computer becomes here your main tool in order to see the 'real thing' immediately in 3D. After completion, 3dS generates automatically all 2D-plans.

Is working in 3D more difficult than in 2D ?

Absolutely not.
We are used to imagine everything in 3D so it's far more logic and helpful to see a project grow on your screen in 3D.
It is more a question of a habit. Your work becomes easier, more pleasant and more productive.
You will notice quickly that working in 3D has less obstacles than working in 2D.

From 2D to 3D makes a big difference for me, how do I handle this problem ?

3dS offers you many possibilities to call your familiar 2D-views.
In particular when you start working with 3dS it is handy to be able to use these facilities.
After a short period you'll notice that working in 3D is far from difficult, you'll get used to the easy way of 3D and you'll stop using the 2D-facilities.
You will experience that working in 3D becomes more natural.

I'm changing from a drawing board to the computer, at the same time I'm switching from 2D to 3D. These are 2 important steps at the same time ? How do I manage?

Still the same idea, you think 3D, you work 3D. Only our 2D habits need to change. Which will be very quickly stimulated by the fact that all your ideas will become reality within no time on your screen.