Automated connections: 3dS evaluates the situation at hand and proposes one or more possibilities. These proposals include: sizes for plates, size and number of bolts, checking for clashes, all adapted to the situation at hand.

Many automated tools in 3dS take care of a fast execution.

  1. Automatic bill of materials at any moment.
  2. Automatic generation of 2D plans for overview and for mounting instructions on the site, including details.
  3. 3dS generates automatically all workshop drawings for beams, plates and assemblies in 2D from your 3D model.Automatic Workshop Drawing

Performance leads to speed in overall execution.



Steel Structures Connections

Automatic detection for the correct placement of sections and bolts.
3dS can detect the correct position for a bolt: when a bolt comes too close to an edge or to another member, a yellow sphere appears with the 'clashing' free area around the bolt; this feature also detects if one has access with his tools to fix the bolt.
A bolt that can’t be placed (e.g. partially or completely outside a beam/plate), shows a red area around the hole as a warning.
The 'clash check’ function is another intelligent feature in 3dS: beams and plates that are ‘clashing’ turn yellow.

This clash check has its unique opposite function in the welding-check: 3dS checks if two elements are touching in order to make welding possible.

For more, you can limit yourself which sections and strips you are going to work with, e.g. you can limit the choice of sections/plates to the ones you’ve got in stock, or to the ones you can get from your supplier.



A clear overlook for all the 3dS functions: never 3dS confronts you with an abundance of choices. All commands are organised in a logical structure with a maximum of 7 choices for each decision.

The 3D approach is a simulation of the reality. You can check the practical result at any moment and all manipulations are carried out as if you take the members with your own hands.

steel structures software menu overview

With 3dS you make less mistakes thanks to the practical 2D/3D approach:

  1. Are you used to work in 2D? No problem: 3dS offers you all the tools to work in 2D, while everything is drawn in 3D. Any moment you can ask 3dS to show a member in 2D from whatever side you choose.
  2. Producing 2D drawings from a 3D model? 3dS generates any plan view, elevation, section or perspective view for you. Even more: 3dS generates automatically all workshop drawings. This means less mistakes and a shorter production time.
  3. The 3D approach is a simulation of the reality. You can check the practical result any moment. The visual control is very handy in difficult situations where no standard solutions can be used.

The result: no more worries on the site! Everything fits perfectly!

wooden structures

An overview of the principal functions in 3dS can be found in the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.

Coming soon:

  • French, German, Dutch, Geman, Spanish and simplified Chinese versions
  • a complete module for drawing concrete structures with automated rebar schedule
  • cladding and roof panels, grating:
  • CES/2 standard for communication with other structural software and machine encoding
  • user defined steel sections
  • user library for parts of projects
  • customisable standard connections
  • programmers module for using 3dS


We can also write software for specific use. For more information, please send us an email at: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.