There are 3 possibilities to purchase 3dS:

  1. Install on your computer: download 3dS from  from the <Download> section and run <setup...exe>.
    After this you need to send us a code generated by the installation.
    Within a 24 hours we will send you an authorisation code.
    This option is limited to 1 computer only.
    Price: 3000 €.
  2. We send you a USB memory key with 3dS installed.
    You can use this memory key on different machines.
    Price: 3000 €.
  3. At the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store for a monthly subscription fee of 150€.
    After 24 monthly payments you can use 3dS at no extra costs.

In cases 1 and 2, it takes a couple of days before you can work with 3dS.
However, if you want to work with 3dS immediately, we suggest you use the third option (monthly subscription) and pay for the first month only.
This one month fee will be deducted from the invoice for 3dS.

The full 3dS package at 3000 € includes:

  • the license for using 3dS with no limitations
  • 3 training exercises
  • one year support by email, after completing the 3 training exercises
  • one year updates

For more information about support, updates and training: see section Support.

Minimum configuration

Any computer with a recent version of AutoCAD or Bricscad installed.


3-plus bv
tel +32 474 992 810
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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