All good things come with 3, so 3dS comes with 3 main features:

  1. Performance
  2. Intelligence
  3. Ease of use

3dS is conceived by and for the professional user:

  1. The engineer likes to use it because setting up a structure takes less time to enter in 3dS than to explain it to a draftsman.
  2. The draftsman likes it because 3dS helps him a lot in making choices that are common in most situations.
  3. The fabricator likes it because 3dS generates automatically workshop drawings that are clear and practical.

steel structures platform3dS is your answer to the need of a structured solution that covers all disciplines in a construction process.

You can use 3dS for fast setup and design of various types of steel structures: housing, office buildings, industrial buildings, piping installations, ....

3dS is an application that runs on AutoCAD, the first world standard in drawing and design solutions. 3dS makes working with AutoCAD easy, efficient and highly productive.


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